BLAST II followed pretty quickly after BLAST 94 and I didn't have a whole lot of time left to make logos. Fortunately, I could adapt the acronym, because the cruise was basically a repeat of BLAST 94 and I also gave Elsethea another appearance. Despite the time constraints, I think I still introduced quite a few innovative things into this logo. First of all, CorelDraw now had bitmap fractal fill patterns, which I used in both the background and the acronyms face (water and sky!). Then, I introduced a bit of pseudo-3D look by giving the earth a shiny face, which makes it appear standing out of the background. And lastly, we were required to have a special color code on all of our shipping boxes, the color code being red/yellow, visible on at least 3 sides of each crate. So, I thought why not combine the nice with the practical and give the logo a red/yellow border? We pasted our logo onto each side of the crates and were all set. Certainly no mix-ups here!

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Jürgen M Lobert / 31-Aug-2010