INDOEX project data, publications and further links

  • Official project website at C4
  • KCO website at C4
  • Carbon monoxide and CFC measurements at the Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory in the Maldives during INDOEX were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. A copy of the paper by Lobert & Harris can be downloaded for personal use from this website.

    Data from this publication can be downloaded from the INDOEX data archive:

  • General link to the INDOEX data archive (all data and investigators)

    Data by Lobert and co-authors:

  • Carbon monoxide data
  • CFC data
  • Ozone sonde profiles
  • Meteorology Surface Observations 10 Minute Means
  • Meteorology Surface Observations Hourly Means
  • Meteorology Surface Observations Daily Means
  • Photography All Sky Camera (on CD ROM only)
  • 30-May-07