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Meet the Flying Bricks!!

Hello and welcome to my skydiving page! The above is a sequence of the death-defying stunt of surviving the inverted biplane ride at the World Freefall Convention in Quincy 1995. Click on each image to get a bigger picture (only ~26kb each) or click on the first and take the tour from there. Enjoy, because I sure did!!

Well, well, well: Family reunion in mid-air, I finally got my brother to skydive! Took me 7 years to convince him, but he finally did it one day before New Years Eve of 1995. What a way to end the year! We're about 8k above Loveland, Colorado at -10° F/-23°C, me on the right, Nick is tandem master, Steve Ericksson on video&stills. Manfred enjoyed the hell out of it, so much that he decided to do it again on his next annual visit. We'll see, how long the excitement lasts.....

This is "skydiving, part 1", actually only parachuting, if you don't count the 1 second of freefall, before the chute gets pulled out by the static line. Back in late '88, me on the right, with pal Gerd on the left. We called that the Kettenbären ("chain-bears"). You can see our state-of-the-(50s)-art gear. Belly reserve and a main that was called Charlie's Angel, named after the guy Charlie who actually made these chutes, and angel because they make you one, if they don't open. I remember, they had a stamp on the center rear cell showing a (holy?) cow with wings !

Skydiving, part 2: a few months after doing 5 static line jumps, I decided that getting wacked into the soil isn't exactly romantic, so I switched to AFF. I titled this picture Far Above Down Under as I got my licence in Australia. Grahame Hill, owner of the Picton dropzone near Sydney, is on the left, Phil Onis on the right, Nick Haggerty took the shot. Phil was one hell of a pokerface on the ground, always serious (and sincere), but in the air, he was always smiling from ear to ear. Something I adapted and always kept! =:->

To the left is a shot from years ago, when I jumped into a wedding of a friend of mine. I'm on the right, the groom, Wolfgang, is on the left front, Knut and Horst in the back, and below us is an island called Texel in the Netherlands. If you take a close look, you can see, that our shoes are taped down with the German equivalent of duct-tape, so we don't loose them. Underneath the yellow suits, we were wearing tuxedos. The bride Iris was waiting on the ground, she was afraid that her gown gets dirty from jumping (or something like that...)

Alright, one more picture: Quincy, Illinois, summer of 93, the event was the World Freefall convention, this is a jump with Jerry Bird (center, whitish), the first of 2.95 points in this 20-way. I'm on the bottom right, in the white jumpsuit. The second point was a big O, the 3rd point was a quadruple wedge with one person out. Was fun!

Other than skydiving, I moved to California at the beginning of '97 trying to find out which place is better: Boulder or San Diego, Boulder or San Diego, ... Boulder is sunnier, I can already tell you, but going out over the ocean on my way to altitude, just to return right above the fence to Mexico isn't bad at all. Sunset over the ocean is as breathtaking as over the mountains, but, of course, I now get better altitude for the money...

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Jürgen M Lobert / 16-February-2002