People often ask me, who Brom Productions Ltd. is, as this trademark appears on virtually all my creative outputs, be it one of the many logos that I made for scientific projects, the T-shirts carrying them, or a simple presentation transparency. They all carry the little 'company' sign in the lower left corner (or wherever is convenient).

Well, you found out whose name lurks behind this 'trademark', even though you still don't know, how I came up with the idea to use the German word for Bromine as a pseudonym. Well, if you have to know, Brom Productions Ltd. was founded by the famous Shmults Brothers. I am one of the two CEOs and maybe some day I'll write up how we came up with the name....

I guess Brom Productions' biggest practical achievement so far have been the logos that I made during my time at NOAA/CMDL and thereafter. I decided to compile them into a small portfolio, where you can view them all at once rather than browsing through the scattered homepages of NOAH (now HATS). Here they are, with some info on the logo and how I came up with my ideas. They're also linked to their respective projects, so you can learn more about the science or purpose behind them.

Another outcome of my creative five minutes are several homepages that I made. Starting in early 1994, I learned how to do HTML and created the HATS page, an assortment of about 80 pages, the majority of which I made and maintained until early 1996 (until they found out that I stored my skydiving pages on the government server, to be exact =:-> ). But I also created some other sites, take a look at this overview page:

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