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Here is a list of web sites created by Brom Productions Ltd.© Click on each to connect to its respective site.

HATS homepages

My first and also most elaborate encounter with web site creation was establishing the web presence of the Nitrous Oxide And Halocarbons (now Halocarbons And Trace Species) group, one of my previous employers. That was in the old days, when everything was left-aligned, non-formatted and with grey background. We've come a long ways, but still have to go another long one...
I suggest to look at the Ocean pages within hats's site and also the Aircraft pages. The ocean pages were revamped just before I left hats, with framework and menu selection of items. Pretty neat. I also introduced some really nice ideas into the publications pages (including online viewable documents of 30+ pages with images and the whole works) and the personnel pages. And, of course, logos all over the place. The ovreall design of the pages has changed a lot to make space for the unified NOAA style, but the contents hasn't changed much since my departure...

Costa Rica Walking Vacations

Costa Rica Fine Walking Vacations was a small project with only 4 pages. The owner gave me the text and the images and I put it together into this little site. I also created the background for the homepage. The site has closed since and with it, I believe, the business (hopefully without inherent cause and effect....).


Another professional site is that for the Reactive Chlorine Emissions Inventory, a project within GEIA. I am a member of this project and offered my help in establishing (and maintaining) the site. This 7-page site was meant to be black and white (to print better on B&W laser printers) and to be mean & lean (scientists don't have much web attention span, they say!). Needless to say: the logo is mine.

I N D O E X - K C O

Here are a few subpages to the C4/UCSD worksite. INDOEX is the project that I had been working on during my four years at Scripps, I was asked to create a few pages for it but never got to make a logo, I was too busy establishing the observatory itself, see pictures.


One of my projects at API was the APIcom remote instrument control software, for which I also created the website. I also had my impact on the main website, but it's mostly maintained by Intertune.

Panteha Art Gallery

My most artsi website to date and also the most advanced page code this far. I'm not a professional website designer, but this one really kicks ass.... Go, browse around, enjoy the art and then buy some! ;-)

And, of course, my own website, the one you're currently browsing. Take a good look around, there's lots to discover.... This has been a project in development with some more (scientific) and less (personal) maintained pages. I started it long after I started doing the HATS pages and keep coming back as time allows....
...including the award winning skydiving page...

Look for the death-defying stunt jump out of an inverted World-War-II biplane. Boy, am I old or what?

...and the home of Jürgen's own art works....

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